About RE-You Project

The RE-You Project aims to make the Southern Marmara Region, which has a great potential in renewable energy resources, one of the world’s leading education and career centers on renewable energy in the field of capacity building, training and employment.

RE-You Projects brings together young generation, investors, employers, non-governmental organizations, international platforms, universities, public institutions and organizations that wants to pursue a career in the field of renewable energy.

One of the main objectives of the project is to equip 480 young people between the ages of 18-29 who graduated from technical departments with the necessary qualifications in order to be employed in the renewable energy sector.

Why South Marmara Region?

Wind Power

The Southern Marmara Region is the leader in Turkey’s wind energy production with an installed power of 1,971.37 MWh, which is 21.18% of the total installed power.

Photovoltaic Energy

The Southern Marmara Region receives an average of 2,640 hours of sunshine per year.

Biogas Energy

The Southern Marmara Region is expected to be an important actor in biogas energy production in Turkey, thanks to its extensive power plants and livestock sector, according to the final report of the Turkish-German Biogas Project.

Turkey's Renewable Energy Strategy

• Turkey meets 18.2% of its electricity need from renewable energy sources.

• National Renewable Energy Strategy, Turkey plans to meet 30% of its total electricity needs from revewable energies.

Renewable Energy Potential of the Southern Marmara Region

• The Southern Marmara Region is the region with the highest renewable energy production potential in Turkey.

• TThe region is substantially rich in renewable energy resources such as wind, photovoltaic and biogas.